Quite a while ago, once I dreamed up the concept of our original black soap, I had been the only one that had faith in it. However, I understood the Active Charcoal&Olive Oil soap has been destined to become prosperous, because the charcoal powder that informs the soap its dark color might seem strange to get a soap opera, but whoever attempts it is guaranteed to be fulfilled.

Dark using active charcoal soap to get pristine skin

People frequently make the mistake of treating their acne and blackhead affected, frequently oily skin with lotions and washes containing compounds which dry skin, thus rendering it vulnerable to pathogens, which frequently leads to the skin to respond to the reduction of moisture with an increased sebum production.

To be able to maintain and revive the skin’s natural defense, you have to ensure that your cosmetics do not dry skin and clog your pores.

The dark facial cleansing Manna soaps boost your skin with organic tenderness, without compounds and palm oil.

The dark Manna soaps that offer superb, yet tender care for debatable, oily or acne affected skin are made out of high quality, pure and silky smooth plant oils.

Among the hottest Manna favorites, the Lively Facial Cleansing Soap with Camphor also includes a vibrant, black color yet nobody doubted its own success. We could barely wait to share this deal with you. In cases like this, we made a couple of alterations to our tried and tested recipe: compared to its predecessor, this black soap is scented: the pure camphor oil comes as a breath of fresh air, while its gentle foam using coconut oil, cocoa and shea butter helps your facial skin away from impurities.